That Time Our Whole Family Went on a Blind Date


We’re vacationing this week with another family with kids of similar ages to our own. Our children had never met before yesterday. Actually, we had never met either. I became friends with the mother of the family through writing and we decided that since we were both planning on going to Disney around the same time we might as well do it together.

I think we were both a little nervous. The whole thing is kind of like a blind date on steroids. It’s a bit of a risk to commit to spending a week with a group of people, sharing a house with them, when you’ve never even been formally introduced.

Luckily, the relationship we have formed over the last few months online translates well to real life and the vacation so far is a success for us. (I hope they think so too.) But more relieving than the fact that my friend is really the person she plays on the internet is that our kids are getting along fantastically. I didn’t give it much thought until the five of them took off to a bedroom in the corner of the house together to get to know each other and share (yes, share) their toys shortly after we walked through the door, but if they had conflicting personalities, if they spent the week bumping heads, or bullying, this vacation could be going very differently right now.

Have you ever had an outing with a friend go very right or very wrong due to how well your kids interact with one another?


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