The Bielanko Family Have Lost Their Home: Find Out How You Can Help


If you are a regular reader of Babble you have no doubt run across the writing of Monica Bielanko. She shares her story on a number of Babble blogs including Strollerderby, Being Pregnant, and Toddler Times. You may also be familiar with her husband, Serge, who recently began writing for Babble’s Dadding.

The couple have two gorgeous children, Violet and Henry, and recently moved from their home of Utah to Pennsylvania to a beautiful farmhouse that they rent and have spent the last few months fixing up. Yesterday that home caught fire. The cause of the blaze is not yet known, but it is believed to have started in an upstairs bedroom where Monica’s 2-year-old daughter was playing alone at the time.  Luckily, no one was injured, though Monica had the harrowing experience of having to save her daughter from a room engulfed in flames.

While the Bielanko’s may be able to salvage some of their belongings, and it could be days before they are allowed to assess the damage, they regrettably were not adequately covered by renter’s insurance. They are now facing the costs of replacing their belongings and finding a new home.

Serge and Monica are both self-employed and while they are hard workers, like many families there was little room in their budget for a catastrophe.

A fundraiser has been organized by Katie Granju, a friend of the family and fellow blogger, and if you would like to help the Bielanko family in their time of need you can find out how to do so on Katie’s blog here.


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