The Countdown Is on! Two Days Until BlogHer 2012


It only took a couple of days of maternity leave before I began feeling isolated. I spent most of those first few weeks of motherhood in our home, too nervous to brave the world with my newborn on my own. What if he began to cry in the aisles of the grocery store and I couldn’t quiet him? I don’t know why this thought was so daunting, but it was enough to keep me on our couch watching daytime television in between nursing and the occasional nap.

Even after a couple of months passed and my confidence as a mother grew, I still found this new lifestyle to be a very lonely one. At 22 I was the first of my friends to have a baby and, though they were excited and happy for me, our worlds were now vastly different. Like many women turned bloggers, I began to search the internet for others in the same stage of life. I was seeking someone, anyone, who could lend an ear, share a similar experience, or offer a little advice. 

I didn’t have to look very far. I found them. I found them and found them and found them. Years later I am still “meeting” amazing women on the Internet who make me laugh and cry and feel less alone through their stories of life and motherhood. Many of them are my colleagues here at Babble and this week is my favorite because I am finally going to meet many of them in person.

On Thursday, I’ll kiss my husband and children good bye, grab my bag, and catch a plane to New York City for BlogHer. This is my first BlogHer, but my third conference this year. I am so excited to meet all the people I work with so closely (but so far away) on a daily basis.

Are you attending BlogHer this year? Come say hi. I’ll be the shy one in the corner in bare feet with her heels dangling from her fingers.


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