The Days of My Life

The life of a stay at home mom is never boring. Unless you look at it from a slightly different angle, and then it’s pretty much always boring.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

I thought I’d give you all a glimpse into what a typical day is like for me. It also turned into a glimpse about how scattered and distracted I get throughout the day, so that’s fun. You can practically see my brain thinking: “Time to pay bills…oh look! Something shiny! Now, what was it that I was needing to do again? Oh, my computer is open. I should look at Pinterest!”

Obviously, this isn’t a complete list of our daily goings-on, it’s only intended to give you the highlights. Or lowlights as the case may be.

But first, a few disclaimers:

  • We are in the middle of a remodel, so my husband and I are sleeping in the living room. He sleeps on the couch and I sleep on a big chair and ottoman that are pushed together. It is less than ideal, but I think the end is in sight. Hopefully.
  • Oliver doesn’t usually spend all day crying. This was just a particularly tough day for him, apparently.
  • Yes, I see the irony in the fact that I’ve talked about how we don’t eat fast food that often, but, of course, the day that I document our lives we do.
  • It just so happened that I decided to do this on Valentine’s Day. I can safely say that I have never, ever given Dylan a heart shaped sandwich before. This is not a usual occurrence, although he liked it and asked if I’d do it every year. I consider that a win.

You can check out our day below!

  • Wake Up Time 1 of 22
    Wake Up Time
    The baby, who so kindly sleeps with me on my "chairbed," starts to stir at about 6:45am. Even though waking up was his choice, he's still not very happy about it. Quite frankly, neither am I.
  • Coffee Time 2 of 22
    Coffee Time
    My morning requirement. I anxiously await the 30 seconds it takes my Keurig to produce my cup and then promptly try to chug it. Sadly, the scalding feeling on my tongue once again reminds me that I forgot to turn down the water temperature.
  • Make & Pack Lunch Time 3 of 22
    Make & Pack Lunch Time
    I readjust the water temperature, and after "making" the kids breakfast, I start to make lunches. Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day!" like a heart shaped salami sandwich. And that's about as Martha Stewart as I get. Once everyone is dressed and fed, we head out the door to drop Dylan off at school.
  • Shower Time 4 of 22
    Shower Time
    After drop off I grab a shower while I distract the other two kids with a TV show. After looking at this photo, I realize how spotted the mirror is, so I grab a few cleaning wipes and wipe down the mirror and the sink.
  • Play Time 5 of 22
    Play Time
    While I'm cleaning, the baby finds a way to keep himself occupied. Then, when looking at this picture, I remember that I forgot to put the bath mat in the dryer after it needed to be washed following an unfortunate incident a few days before. Trust me when I say that you don't want to know the details.
  • Laundry Time 6 of 22
    Laundry Time
    After picking up the toilet paper, I head out to the garage, toss a few more things in the washer, and rewash the bath mat. I consider using the "sanitize" option, but decide that two washes is probably good enough. I hope.
  • Making the Beds 7 of 22
    Making the Beds
    In an effort to try to make us feel like we're living a somewhat normal life, I try to fold up the blankets and get the pillows out of the way every day. Because, obviously, having them neatly folded and stacked on top of the couch cushions is better than having them strewn about the "couchbed." Right?
  • That’s Better…Or Is It? 8 of 22
    That's Better...Or Is It?
    See how much nicer that looks, even with a goofball child photobombing the picutre? It looks better, but I can't help but notice how old and worn our poor couch looks.
  • New Couch Shopping Time! 9 of 22
    New Couch Shopping Time!
    So I promptly sit down and looked for couch inspiration on Pinterest. We have no immediate plans for a new couch, but it's never too early to start thinking about it. After getting lost on the site for a few too many minutes, I realize that we're almost late for Oliver's doctor appointment.
    If you're so inclined, you can follow me on Pinterest here.
    Disclaimer: Pinterest can be addictive and lead to many, many lost hours.
  • Waiting Time 10 of 22
    Waiting Time
    Thankfully, we make it to the appointment with time to spare, so we have a few minutes to kill in the waiting room. I use the opportunity to show the boys some videos about astrophysics on YouTube. And by "astrophysics," I obviously mean Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • …More Waiting Time 11 of 22
    ...More Waiting Time
    Ollie is less interested in sitting and watching videos while we wait for the doctor to come into the room. He spends his time running in circles around the exam table, jumping off of the little step stool, and ripping the exam table paper to shreds. That's what it's there for, right?
  • Ollie’s Not Happy 12 of 22
    Ollie's Not Happy
    Following two needle sticks for blood work to test for food allergies, Ollie is a very unhappy camper. I kick myself for being in such a rush to leave the house that I forgot to bring a pacifier for him. I also forgot to bring a Xanax for me, and I'm not entirely sure which is worse.
  • Defeated 13 of 22
    By the time we arrive home he's no longer crying. He is more than ready for a nap, and neither of us have ever been so happy to find a pacifier.
  • Lunch Time 14 of 22
    Lunch Time
    While he naps, Zachary and I have lunch and I use the down time try to get some writing done. Also, apparently, to spend a "bit" more time on Pinterest.
  • Gymnastics Time 15 of 22
    Gymnastics Time
    Zachary has other ideas, though, and decides it's time to practice his gymnastics moves. We decided long ago that our kids would be allowed to jump on their beds, but not the couch, and, at this point, he uses the "couchbed" against me. It's hard to argue with 4-year-old logic sometimes.
  • Homework Time 16 of 22
    Homework Time
    After picking up Dylan from school we spend a few minutes on homework. He'd already done everything that had to be turned in, so we just go over a few things that had come home from school this week. Gotta love how simple the lessons are when you're in first grade.
  • Practice Time 17 of 22
    Practice Time
    Dylan has baseball practice in the afternoon, so I drop the boys off at the field. I have a check that needs to be deposited, so I Ollie and I head to the bank.
  • Ollie’s Not Happy 18 of 22
    Ollie's Not Happy
    Watching his dad and brothers walk away while he's still strapped in the car proves to be too much. He is devastated and I can't really blame him.
  • Ollie’s Still Not Happy 19 of 22
    Ollie's Still Not Happy
    He calms down, and after our run to the bank we head back to the park. I unstrap Oliver from his seat and put his jacket on him. Freedom is in sight! But then Dylan shows up and informs me he has to go to the home. So I strap Ollie BACK into his seat and we head off. Ollie is not a fan of this scenario, and, once again, bursts into tears.
  • Dinner Time 20 of 22
    Dinner Time
    Practice ends late, so we head to pick up a super fancy, romantic dinner from In-N-Out. Everyone is happy. Even Ollie.
  • Card Time 21 of 22
    Card Time
    After dinner Dylan takes it upon himself to make me, his dad, and Oliver cards for Valentine's Day. I had to "ask" him to make one for Zachary, too. Which he said "To Zach, From Dylan." So thoughtful, that one.
  • Spooky Sleep Time 22 of 22
    Spooky Sleep Time
    Finally, it's time for bed. Grandma Nancy had sent glowsticks with their Valentine's chocolates, so they insist on sleeping with them. Nothing creepy about that...
    Soon enough it's lights out for the grown ups, too. Time to get some sleep so we can do it all over again tomorrow!

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