The Donette: A Milk Delivery Device


A daily struggle between Anders and I occurs when I tell him he has to finish his milk at breakfast. He does everything short of petitioning Congress to get away with not drinking it. There is always a great deal of explaining: It makes his stomach hurt. It tastes “like weird.” Scotty from class says his mom doesn’t make him drink milk and she’s a doctor. Cows aren’t his favorite animal and on and on it goes while I stand there, arms crossed, unimpressed.

I’m not really that mom that forces her child to consume things for which they have expressed a distaste. I do ask that they try new things and after a length of time passes I ask that they try again because tastes change, as dishes do when flavored or presented differently. A 4-year-old’s mood on a leisurely Saturday evening may be more receptive to veggie eating than on Wednesday after a full day of school.

Milk, however, is not negotiable. Kids need milk and so the battle has been raging on for many months in our home. Until recently when the idea struck me over breakfast one morning that he may be more keen to drink the milk if we could inject some fun into it.

Enter, Hostess Frosted Devil’s Donettes. I put out a plate of them yesterday morning with a big glass of ice cold milk. The chocolaty Donettes piqued Anders interest … the glass of milk he was less enthused about. I explained to him that he could have the Donettes, but he had to dunk them in his milk. At first he was skeptical, but when he saw his little sister gleefully shoving them into her milk, he took a seat and started dunking.

After a bit, his milk turned a chocolaty brown, a fact I pointed out to him. “You should drink it. I bet it’s as delicious as those Donettes now.”

It was the least I’ve ever had to fight to get him to drink his milk. He drained the cup in no time and even asked for seconds.

Many thanks to Hostess for sponsoring this post and for providing me and family with a supply of Donettes. Find out more about Hostess Donettes at their Facebook fan page.

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