The Duggars Are Expecting a 20th Child?


If you haven’t turned on the television or a radio yet this morning you may have missed the news that the Duggar family are expecting their twentieth child. Michelle Duggar, 45, is three and a half months pregnant and will learn the sex of their new baby around Christmas time. It is well-known that they leave their family planning up to God and choose to forgo birth control. However, this is the longest Michelle has gone between pregnancies in 20 years.

Her last pregnancy with baby Josie resulted in a host of medical problems for her, including pre-eclampsia, and in order to save Michelle’s life doctors were forced to deliver their little girl three and a half months premature. Josie weighed only one pound six ounces at birth and spent several months in the hospital recovering from the complications of her early arrival and also a perforated bowel.

The Duggars have their own show on TLC, 19 Kids and Counting, and their children range in age from 23 months to 23 years.

Is it irresponsible for the Duggars to continue to have children despite Michelle’s advanced maternal age and the complication of her previous pregnancy or do you see nothing wrong with letting nature determine the size of a family?