The Grinch Has Come to Town



This year with Thanksgiving so late, Christmas seemed to arrive more quickly than usual. It seemed that only moments after we finished turkey leftovers, it was time to mash the potatoes and buy the beef for Christmas dinner.

I’m thankful that we decided to put up our tree early this year – we are normally a RESPECT THE TURKEY family but we had our tree up before December 1st.

I love our Christmas decorations – right now I’m writing with only the tree lighting the room, my son watching Peter Pan, and new toys from Santa littering the floor. I love the gentle light and the festiveness and I don’t want to take the tree or garlands down.

But I’m also aware that with working from home over the next few days and this weekend, I have the chance to pack everything away slowly instead of being a ball of stress two Saturdays into January. So today I put away the Christmas dishes and tomorrow I will start taking the garlands down.

I know my son will hate it – he adores the decorations and wishes they could stay forever.

It feels like the Grinch has come to town and soon, our house will feel bare.



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