The Highlight of My Week Was Buying a New Toothbrush


The Simple Highlight of My WeekIt has been a crazy few months around here, especially since September when school started up again. I was looking forward to it, but I was still a little nervous because it’s the first time that I’ve had a child in full-time school. That’s a lot of “having to get up at a certain time” for me.

I settled into it pretty quickly, as did the kids, which has been awesome. It’s been busy and we’ve been doing a lot more education-focused learning at home thanks to all this year’s homework. It’s all in French too, since Speed is in a French-immersion program, so my brain is getting quite the big workout as well. With Speed’s full-time and Raru’s part time, school has kept us pretty busy so far.

Things started to speed up at work for both my husband and I and we didn’t see a whole lot of each other. Then I had to get some testing done to find out why we’re not pregnant yet and then, of course…

All five of us got sick. Like “no-voice, tissues everywhere, coughing like we will never breath again” sick for over a week.

I feel like I haven’t slowed down since school started. And I always feel like I am struggling to float along anyway! I am a little off-balanced and stressed. Add on fertility treatments and it’s making me wonder if I’m losing my mind! Let’s just say that I’ve been in need of a slow-down week, or at least a day.

We all slowly started to rejoin the human race as our cold/flu left and our energy returned. The kids went back to school and I am starting to get a handle on this whole new fertility hormone thing. Life slowed down for a brief time and the most exciting thing that happened this week was a new electric toothbrush that makes me feel strangely happy.

I am still waiting to see what this week brings. We’re sitting here watching the Weather Channel to see how Hurricane Sandy might effect our area. The rain has been falling for a few days already and I have a feeling this week will be more interesting than the simple highlight of last week.


:: Tell me, what was the highlight of your week? ::

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