The Importance of Father-Daughter Time


One of the most amazing parts about being a mother has been witnessing the relationship develop between my husband and daughter.

From those early moments in the hospital when she was first born when I saw how he looked at her, I knew just how lucky she was.

They have a bond that takes my breath away.

My father died when I was two years old and I’ve always dreamed of the day when I would witness what a father-daughter relationship looked like firsthand.

Growing up without a father makes you ache for that connection you see between other girls and their fathers.

Yesterday, my husband took Katie on a daddy-daughter date to Disney on Ice and my heart nearly burst as I saw them leave together, both looking forward to all that the day would hold.

When they came home, they were both beaming with joy and I was so incredibly grateful for them both.

It was clear that what mattered most to each of them was the time they spent together and I’m convinced that it didn’t matter what they actually did, so long as they were together.

And what more could a mother hope for?

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