The Kindergarten Social - Where Zach was Completely Unsocial


After his preschool graduation last night, Zachary was very excited to officially declare himself a Kindergartener. Luckily for him, this morning there was a play date set up today for our elementary school’s incoming Kindergarten class. It was going to be the perfect opportunity for him to get a feel for his new space, and to meet a lot of the kids that he’ll be in school with for the next 12 years. He was excited, and I was excited for him. If there’s anything Zach loves, it’s playing with other kids, so I assumed that he’d have a blast at this event.

Except that he totally surprised me and pretty much kept completely to himself.

He wasn’t being shy and standing in a corner, he was being active and playing on the climber and practicing his mad monkey bar skills. But he was doing all of it by himself, or with his little brother. He didn’t have any desire to meet and play with the other kids, and the fact that they were all involved in activities with each other didn’t seem to phase him at all.

I’m happy that he was perfectly happy to do his own thing and didn’t feel out of place or awkward at all, but I also wonder if this is a look into what kindergarten is going to be like for him. He has a few good friends who will be in school with him, so I know he won’t be a total outsider, but will he take the chance to play with other kids, or will be be content to stick with the people he already knows and is comfortable with, instead of branching out and making new friends, too?

Obviously, I know that he’ll become friends with a lot of new kids over the next year, but how long will it take before he finds his groove and becomes the life of the party we’re used to? It’s a whole new road ahead of us, and I kind of hate that I have no idea where it leads.