The Little Things That Will Someday Make Big Men

I take my responsibility as the mom of boys pretty seriously. I want to raise young men who respect women, possess the ability to cry (albeit not too much), and know how to keep a respectable home.

It’s not that we’re practicing man drills or anything like that, but there are little things I’m teaching and insisting upon that will hopefully make a big difference someday. Check ’em out and let me know what I’m missing after the jump!

Opening doors: This means all doors. Growing up, my stepmom always insisted my stepbrother open her car door. At the time I didn’t understand why, but now I think she’s an absolute genius. While they haven’t mastered the car door as yet, my boys rush ahead to open exterior doors for strangers and hold them open until everyone passes through. While they can’t get enough of the gratitude and compliments they receive, I’m more concerned with the fundamental courtesy.

Just being nice: We should do nice things just because we can. I’ve gotten in the habit of having Boy Wonder pull a shopping cart to offer to the person behind us before I pull mine; it’s polite and it makes him feel good to do it.

Helping someone in need: I’m all for “Stranger Danger” but if you notice someone struggling, you stop and offer to help because it’s the right thing to do. Whether it’s help with a door, carrying a bag, or picking up a spill, I’m working to serve as an example to my kids on the kindness and importance of helping others in need.

Excuse me: The fine art of saying “excuse me” is a work in progress but I’m hell-bent on it. Every burp, accidental fart, and rude interruption simply deserves an “excuse me”.

Recognition and giving thanks: Our kids often don’t understand how much energy and effort goes into things like parties and play dates. Offering sincere appreciation for everything from a good time at a party to a lollipop at the barber shop matters.

Helping around the house: Hey, I’m not the only one who lives here and my kids know it. Aside from the obvious fact that I need assistance around here, their help is teaching them the domestic skills they will one day need to keep a respectable home.

How are you teaching your boys to be men?

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