The Maternal Order of the Gymnast Mom


Cody took Addie to his gym on Friday after Thanksgiving for a turkey burn class. Four hours of obstacle courses, games and fun to burn off all the carbs and turkey ingested the day before. She loved it and afterwards two of the trainers came up to Cody to tell him how coordinated and athletic Addie was. One of them even said she was the most coordinated little kid she had ever seen.

We had been debating for months on a physical activity to get Addie involved in. I was a dancer and drama geek, Cody played every sport imaginable. We knew she was coordinated but never really knew what to settle on. Sports are important for the whole team spirit element but she loves to dance and sing. Once the trainers mentioned how strong she was and taking into consideration her monkey bar skills, gymnastics seemed to be a perfect fit.

She had her first class tonight and I’m already wondering where the summer Olympics will be in 2024.

Turns out this is a perfectly normal thought for gymnast moms.

Tonight they worked on the beam and she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. As soon as her class was over she looked me in the eye and said “WHEN DO I GET TO COME BACK?” Her toes stayed perfectly pointed. Her arms shot up at the end of every move and that smile, oh that was a smile I have never seen her smile before.

She came home and asked me every question she could think of about gymnastics and showed Cody every single “trick” she had learned. While was bummed there wouldn’t be ice skating in the Olympics next year, just wait until I melt her mind with the USA gymnastics team.

So to those of you who are gymnast moms, what do I need to know? What do I look for or expect?

She can’t wait to go back and I can’t wait to see that smile on her face again, that smile like she belongs. That smile that says “I am doing something I love.”

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