The Most Unusual Baby Names of the Year


hello my name is Did you go through a lot of stress trying to come up with your kid’s name?

Many parents don’t want the same-old same-old, so they often end up taking classic (or popular) names and changing the spelling. That’s not gonna work.

By having a unique spelling, as in Mkenzi, all we accomplish is a guarantee our kids won’t find a license plate with her name on it at the toy store. For the rest of their lives that child will have to repeat, spell, and help people pronounce her name to every single person who asks.

While many lists have calculated the most popular names of recent times (Why is Aiden and soundalikes still on that list?), a new list has been released with the most bizarre, crazy, head-shaking, awkward names you could ever give a child.

From Evening to Draper, Marcjacob to Kingsolomon, Kdynce to Mylz, witness the 102 Most Unusual (Terrible) Baby Names of 2011:

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