The Preschool Drama Continues


Drop off at preschool this week has been, in a word, painful. Friday was Anders’ teacher’s last day with their class. Her departure was sudden and there was little time to prepare Anders for the fact that she would be leaving and a new teacher would be taking her place.

If there is an easy way to explain to a 5-year-old that a person they love and have spent the last six months of their life with is changing careers and that they won’t see them anymore, I have failed at it. He’s been down about it all week and has begged each morning to stay home instead of going to school. 

It’s no help that his preschool didn’t have enough time to find a new teacher before the old one completed her two week notice and the position has been a revolving door of sorts over the last few days. Leaving him there each morning with a complete stranger has been a hard pill to swallow for the both of us.

Anders can be painfully shy and adjusting to a new caregiver everyday is not an environment in which he thrives. He is sad and withdrawn when I finally peel myself away from him in the morning and the worrying about it has made for a tough few days at work for me.

I’m hopeful that they will find the right person for the job soon, but in the mean time we are both experiencing a crash course in stepping out of our comfort zone.

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