The Real Truth on How You Clean Your House, Even If You Won't Admit It


I am going to drop a huge confession on you right now — are you ready? I HATE CLEANING! I know there aren’t a whole lot of people who love it (I know you exist though), but for me it’s a full-on hate relationship.

My house is not a waste-zone, but it is far from perfect. I swear our laundry room is trying to kill me and keeping up with having the kids home all the time, my husband working 45+ hours a week, and me now doing 35 hours a week at home is quite the juggling act. Also, I will admit that I have/will come up with any excuse to not do it — I hate it so much.

I have had this hate for a long time though. I remember back to my chores as a child and there were some tricks we (my siblings and I) had up our sleeve that made cleaning go a bit faster. I would be lying if I said I never did some of these still now … because I totally do.

And you know what? I bet many of you do as well — though may not want to admit it.

Click through to view the real truth on how we (even if you won’t admit it) clean our house:

  • The Counters 1 of 7
    The Counters
    No one will be looking under there.
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • Dusting 2 of 7
    & then you remember why you didn't want to dust in the first place.
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • Laundry 3 of 7
    Me. Totally. Or, just shove onto random shelves.
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • The Dishes 4 of 7
    The Dishes
    I promise if you look in my sink right now you will find evidence of this.
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • Your Bedroom 5 of 7
    Your Bedroom
    You know it to be true.
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • Sweeping the Floor 6 of 7
    Sweeping the Floor
    Anyone have any tips for those last bits??
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • Pet Accidents 7 of 7
    Pet Accidents
    What? Me, No ::sneaky side eye::
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans

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