The Scoop on Poop


Zachary has been a bit off lately. Mostly just whiney, but also not as active as usual and he’s even passed up on a few sweets. And when you’re talking about a kid who is generally a sugar fiend, happy-go-lucky and, dare I say, jovial, that’s a red flag. A big red flag.

So I was trying to watch him carefully to try to figure out what specifically was going on. And after another evening spent whining, fake crying and complaining about every little thing, I realized that there is a common denominator whenever he has one of these episodes.

It happens when he has to poop.

The differences between each of my kids is always obvious, but it translates to their bathroom behavior as well. They each have their own, unique…system, for lack of a better word. After too much time spent studying and learning their specific patterns, you’d think I would have realized that things had been different with Zachary lately.

I’m not necessarily concerned about him. I don’t think anything is “wrong” necessarily, but it seems like lately, every time he needs to go to the bathroom he gets really uncomfortable and upset. He doesn’t feel good, and acts as if his entire body hurts. But then, as soon as he poops, he’s fine. He’s back to his normal, crazy, funny, outgoing self.

Is this a normal kid phase? Now that he’s older and realizes he’s an individual person, is he taking his independence and feelings to extremes? Because it’s winter and we’re not overloading on fresh fruit ever day, do I need to add more fiber to his diet?

Has this happened to your kids? Do you have any advice for me?

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