The Tooth Fairy Cometh: The Going Rate for Teeth in The Blogosphere

If you’re like most parents faced with a wiggly tooth (hopefully your child’s) you have to be wondering– what’s the going rate these days?

It was a coin when you were a kid, but that was in the last century!

And don’t make the mistake of asking your child what the going rate is. They have this racket down.  I figured that part out after I asked my son a few years ago and he said “about a million dollars.”


So to save you some grief, we had some bloggers weigh in on the going rate.  Here are their answers.

(And don’t forget to check some other bloggers’ responses here.)

  • Kelcey, New York 1 of 8
    Kelcey, New York
    Kelcey, of The Mama Bird Diaries says, "Dylan, age 7, I pay $1 or sometimes $2 if I've had a glass of Chardonnay and I'm feeling extra generous. But no more! I don't understand these moms who fork out the equivalent of college tuition for a dumb tooth. Come on. And it really makes the rest of us look cheap. I think $1 is plenty at least until gas prices come down a bit."
  • Jennie, France 2 of 8
    Jennie, France
    A Lady in France says: "The kids here get a euro per tooth. Sometimes they get two 50 centime coins and then they're really excited because they're even more rich. TWO coins instead of one. But it's not the tooth fairy that brings the tooth here, it's the "little mouse." Since we actually had a little mouse they felt really special, like they knew her on an intimate level. Once the little mouse forgot to come and get the tooth and there was the big debate about whether she could climb up to the top of the bunk-bed. Parents "for" that idea and child "against" since the mouse had already managed to climb the bunk-bed once before. Finally we put a little sign for the mouse indicating directions and she didn't neglect to come around the second night."
  • Alexandra, Wisconsin 3 of 8
    Alexandra, Wisconsin
    Alexandra, blogging at Good Day, Regular People , says: "A dollar makes the kids happy, and when they walk their tooth to me along with the note from the tooth fairy diligently following her directions, we are all just one big happy semi assimilated into American culture family."
  • Loulou, Canada 4 of 8
    Loulou, Canada
    Loulou, of Loulou's Views, says:"For my oldest son's first lost tooth, we gave him $50. Yes, that's Canadian, but our dollar is like, the same as yours now! ;) I think this was part shock, and not knowing what other people were giving their children. He lost it on vacation, so maybe that's why the tooth fairy gave him more? Other teeth have been anywhere from $20-$5.00, plus special 'tooth fairy' coins from the Canadian Mint. And always, a drawing and a letter from the Tooth Fairy. :)"
  • Anna, California 5 of 8
    Anna, California
    Anna Lefler says, "We're just now out of the tooth fairy zone here (the kids are 11 and 13 and pretty much out of teeth - ones that are falling out of their heads, that is). Back in the day, though, the Tooth Fairy (or "T. Fairy," as she signed her cramped little notes) was good for about $5 per visit. It often happened that a tooth would be liberated just before bedtime, though, and T. Fairy was without a fiver in her magic wallet, in which case the child in question would wake up to find a little toy or goodie from Mom's secret stash or even an Amazon gift card. It's all good! Note: there were parents at our school that would leave $20, even $25 under their child's pillows. We all shunned them."
  • Emma, Belgium 6 of 8
    Emma, Belgium
    Emma, the Belgian Waffle author, says, "In our Franco-Anglo-Belgian household, I have had to bow to the majority and accept that money is delivered not by the tooth fairy but by VERMIN, in the form of "la petite souris". La petite souris is a parsimonious rodent, thankfully, and all teeth get a presbyterian €2. This, at least, I agree with."
  • Kristine, Texas 7 of 8
    Kristine, Texas
    Kristine, of Wait in the Van fame, lets us know "We let our five year-old son, Jonathan, set the bar. The night he lost his first tooth, he announced that the tooth fairy brings gold coins, so we left him a few dollar coins. He's also a bit of a collector of things, so his tooth fairy doesn't run off with his teeth in the middle of the night like mine did. (He keeps them in an alligator keepsake box, which I hope to confiscate before he starts dating.)"
  • Shari, New Jersey 8 of 8
    Shari, New Jersey
    Shari, aka Dusty Earth Mother, is holding steady at "Two bucks. But if they're brave and let me yank a dangler, they get ice cream too."

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