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The Tooth Fairy Cometh: The Going Rate for Teeth in The Blogosphere

By marinka |

If you’re like most parents faced with a wiggly tooth (hopefully your child’s) you have to be wondering– what’s the going rate these days?

It was a coin when you were a kid, but that was in the last century!

And don’t make the mistake of asking your child what the going rate is. They have this racket down.  I figured that part out after I asked my son a few years ago and he said “about a million dollars.”


So to save you some grief, we had some bloggers weigh in on the going rate.  Here are their answers.

(And don’t forget to check some other bloggers’ responses here.)

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How Much Should The Tooth Fairy Leave for Kids: Blogger Roundup

Kelcey, New York

Kelcey, of The Mama Bird Diaries says, "Dylan, age 7, I pay $1 or sometimes $2 if I've had a glass of Chardonnay and I'm feeling extra generous. But no more! I don't understand these moms who fork out the equivalent of college tuition for a dumb tooth. Come on. And it really makes the rest of us look cheap. I think $1 is plenty at least until gas prices come down a bit."

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Marinka is a wife and mother of two living in Manhattan's West Village. On her personal site Motherhood in NYC, she blogs about her life in New York City, her kids and family, current events, and the art and science of blogging.

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14 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy Cometh: The Going Rate for Teeth in The Blogosphere

  1. Kristine says:

    Yikes! Vermin!

  2. LogicalMama says:

    We do two gold dollar coins. I agree with the first photo that those who do more are making the rest of us look cheap!

  3. Wendi says:

    I’ll let someone yank out a dangler for ice ceam anytime.

  4. Marcy at Bella Noise says:

    With our older son it started out at $1 or $2, maybe $5. Consistently inconsistent. But with our 7 year-old, it started with $5 because that first tooth was sooo long in coming out and it finally did on the night before 2nd grade. She’s lost $3 so far, and it’s been $5 each time. I think that really is too much, but sort of don’t know how to go back…

  5. dusty earth mother says:

    Um… I think I want to be LouLou’s child.

  6. Lady Jennie says:

    I’ll pull out one of my teeth for fifty bucks.

  7. Tammy says:

    we leave 5 dollars everytime our daughter loses a tooth, she is 5 and so far has lost 4 teeth, she says the tooth fairy leaves her 5 dollars because she is 5, mind you i wont be leaving any more then 5 dollars just because she turns 6.

  8. Susan says:

    the tooth fairy’s dad started my son out with $5. This tooth fairy is outta work and now my son has more money than me! It’s way too much – especially from a tooth fairy dad who is notoriously cheap! A loonie or toonie is enough!

  9. Concetta says:

    My oldest sons first tooth came out over this past weekend. He is 6 years old. After discussing with one if my best friends whose son is a couple of years older than mine and what she did for him I left my son $20 from the tooth fairy. It was his first tooth and for each tooth he will lose after this he will get $5.

  10. Natalie says:

    Xavier 6 years .. Tooth fairy left $1 until a kid at school told him his mum was the tooth fairy. I uped the money to $5 last time with fairy glitter to up the belief

  11. Dena says:

    I gave up on the tooth fair thing about 6 years ago. my kids are now 18 16 14 13 12 11 and 8. Now they bring my a tooth ask for 2 bucks then go flush it. The first tooth they got 2, 2 dollar bills.

  12. adil says:

    My oldest daughter is 7 and has lost 6 teeth. Our tooth fairy leaves 2 golden $1 coins each time. All my inlaws are firmly in the $10-$20 per tooth camp and I was starting to feel cheap, so I’m glad to read that I’m in good company here. Heh.

  13. Jessika says:

    I think one dollar is enough. Although the dollar coin idea sounds great! If I knew where to get them, I’d probably give like 3 of the golden one dollar coins. But I think anything more than $5 per tooth is too much.

  14. V says:

    When I was a kid, I got a small handful of change for my teeth, but my younger sister got $5 per tooth (you can see why I felt like my parents loved her more!). Too bad I was deemed too old for the tooth fairy when I got 4 grown up teeth pulled! Maybe I’m a cheapskate with deep rooted sibling rivalry issues but I remember being totally happy about the handful of change before I realized I was getting the short end of the deal. I still think $5 is pretty steep and $20 is out of the question.

    The real question for me is why do parents perpetuate the idea of a tooth fairy anyway? I never felt attached to my teeth or figured I could get money for them until my parents said so.

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