Time to Put Dad on a Diet

father son fishingI’m 5’9 1/2″ and weigh 213lbs.

Looking at me, you’d say I probably weigh 20lbs less. I hide my rolls well, I guess. According to classic indicators, I’m obese.  According to the picture at the left, I just think I’m fat.

So I’m on a diet.

One of the ones where you see a consultant, take supplements, and weigh your food. One of the ones where everyone else at the table gets dessert, and I don’t. One of the ones where I’m not drinking (which isn’t a tough thing since I did a sympathy sobriety with my wife when she was pregnant).

I’m doing it, my wife isn’t. It’s just me.

Do you think it’s odd that a guy would want to go on a diet?

We can probably blame popular culture for the notion that diets are for women. Y’all get blasted with that image propaganda everywhere you turn, especially from the magazine rack right next to the chocolate bars at the grocery checkout.

And why is it that women need to diet but not men? We get diabetes. We have heart disease. It’s not just a “chick thing.”

TV is no better. Kevin James on King of Queens, married to Leah Remini. James Belushi on According to Jim, married to Courtney Thorne-Smith. The message from mass media is it’s okay to be a big guy, you can still get the hot wife.

So guys don’t try.

We let ourselves go much more easily than women do once we settle in to the ebb and flow of family life.

I don’t think I have any issues with food, I’m just lazy about how I eat. I’ll have a drink with dinner (in the summer maybe 2), and we always have dessert (usually ice cream).

husband and wife

In the analysis of my weight, it was found that I was eating about 3000 calories a day to maintain my weight.  The nutritionist cut me back to 1300.

See what I did there? I gained 30-40 lbs more than the BMI scale would have liked me to gain. Yikes.

So I’m on a diet. Because I’m the big guy with the hot wife, and I would like to be the hot guy with the hot wife.

The hardest part of the diet for me is the meal planning. I pop over to the Family Kitchen section of Babble every now and again and find weekly meal planners. I’m the one that does the groceries and cooking in our house, and I could never plan like that. I buy what’s fresh, what’s on sale, and then mix and match to make the meal.

But now I’m planning. Salmon for dinner on Friday, tuna for lunch on Sunday, almonds and milk for a snack on Saturday. It’s tough, but it’s that structure and routine that keeps you on track. Last week I watched buddies drink beer and scarf nachos while I had water and a steak. Then on the weekend I hit my son’s birthday party where the chocolate cake flowed like it was a Willy Wonka dream while I had celery.

And you know what? It wasn’t half bad. I have no problem being religious when I’m on a diet, as long as I have a coach I can brag to and a target in sight.

I’m doing U Weight Loss, and I’m on course to drop 30 lbs by the end of the summer, which would still make me ‘clinically’ overweight, but puts me in a weight class where I’m comfortable, I am healthy, and I’m happiest.  When the scale says one eighty-something, it’s a good thing.

Do you have a strategy to how you plan your meals?  Would your husband go on a diet for the summer?

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