Top 10 Reasons Back To School Time Is Glorious


Screen shot 2012-05-11 at 1.18.17 PM10. Your kid is going back to school.

9. You can buy your teenage daughter designer clothes at TJ Maxx and tell her they’re from Bloomingdale’s.

8. Even better, your kid wears a uniform to school! Buy yourself a new outfit!

7. The smell of crayons and bake sale goodies. Yum!

6. It’s adorable to watch your Kindergartner squeal over his new backpack, Superhero pencils and bright folders.

5. Homework is a great way to fill up that space of time commonly called “the witching hour.” It’s after dinner, but not shower or bedtime. You know what I mean …

4. New friends for your kiddo and new parent friends for you!

3. There’s a cafeteria so that’s one less meal to prepare.

2. Gym class and recess tire your kid out.

1. Education is the one thing no one can ever take away from you. Your education is your foundation. (I tell my five-year-old this when he doesn’t feel like reading to me or doing a workbook page.)