Twas Two Nights Before Christmas - A Family Fight in the Making


Spending the Holidays with family isn’t always easy. You may get along swimmingly when you’re all in your own corners of the world, but for some reason, once you’re in the same room for a few days, things can start to go downhill. Introduce some family members that you don’t necessarily get along with and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Especially once you start adding kids to the mix. They’re used to doing things their own way, they’re out of their element, they’re tired, and they’re probably hopped up on sugar. A serene playtime can easily turn into a UFC fight. All in a matter of seconds.

Case in point, our Christmas experience a few years ago.

My sister penned a little poem after one especially trying evening. It still makes me smile when I read it, and reminds me that even when you want to strangle someone, there’s always room for a little laughter. Or passive aggressive poem writing. Whatever you want to call it.

You can read her version of Twas the Night Before Christmas on my personal blog, here.

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