Uh Oh, There Goes the Neighborhood!


Well hello you gorgeous Kid Scoop readers!

My name is Lori Garcia but the Internets call me Mommyfriend. I am the sometimes mother of a husband and the always mother of two boys named BooBoo (age 4) and Boy Wonder (a moody 4th grader). Worry not, these are not their real names…well, yet anyway.

I’ve been blogging here on Babble at Toddler Times and have loved my time there. If you’re trying to avoid laundry or look busy behind your computer, you can click here to read all my stuff there. From dirty Santa tricks to my child drawing private parts to trashing obnoxious toys – I’ve got you covered.

I’m a realistic parent by submission. I started out really Type A but my kids beat that all right outta me. Kids 1 Mom 0. It’s cool though, I’m picking my battles and my kids seem pretty rad so far. And by rad I mean way too smart, a little saucy and often insane. I happen to think motherhood is hard. I also happen to think the best parents are the ones who can poke fun of themselves and be honest with each other.

I’ll attempt to answer the rest of your parenting questions here: both vaginal/1 natural/ 1 epidural/1 breast/1 bottle/both vaccinated/both daycared/SpongeBob.

I think that about sums it up. Anything else you would ever want to know or not know about me can be found here.

I’m thrilled to be here to share the often crazy, oddly fascinating and always amazing world of parenting with you! Parent on my friends.

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