Using Slurpees to Promote Literacy



Checking out books from 7-11? Kids are doing it at my local 7-11 here in Provo. 

For some families, the  7-11 is closer than the library and parents are more likely to go there often. The United Way of Utah County donated books to a 7-11 so kids in the neighborhood will have access to a lending library and exposure to more books. They can borrow a book and get a free balloon or Slurpee when they return it.

I’m a huge proponent of my local library. I go once a week. But I should mention that they’ve never given me Slurpee for bringing back a book.

To get the free Slurpee, kids return the book to 7-11 and have the opportunity to tell someone at the store about the story.  Re-telling a story is an important component of literacy. When kids retell a story in their own words they have to pay attention to details and structure. It boosts comprehension.

This seems like a nice effort to promote literacy in the community. Anything that gets books into kids’ hands is worth the effort. These kids just better watch out for brain freeze.

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