Watch! Coolest 6-year-old Ever Pulls His Tooth Via Monster Truck (Video)


Have your children lost any teeth yet? Anders will be five in a few months, but as far as I know, he doesn’t even have anything wiggling yet. I’m kind of looking forward to that first loose tooth. Mostly because I have no idea how he is going to react. I’m pretty sure it will blow his young mind. Plus, I need something new to add to my collection that currently consists of that umbilical cord thing that fell off of his bellybutton as a newborn and the hair from all of his trips to the barber shop.

Kidding. You know, mostly.

In the mean time, I’ll have to amuse myself watching videos like this one of 6-year-old Easton who has a rather odd but amusing way of pulling his first tooth out. Hint, it requires a remote control.

Check it out after the jump.



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