What Are the Other Mothers Doing Right Now?


Usually I don’t think about it.

But sometimes when I’m feeling insecure I worry about what the other mothers are doing. Are they nicer than me? Am I dropping the ball? Did they shower already?

I think they might be nicer than me.

Here’s what I imagine the other mothers are doing while I hole up in bed and blog, after the jump.

1. Packing Bento boxes for picnic lunches.

2. Sewing Christmas pajamas.

3. Taking refresher courses in CPR.

4. Waxing their privates like a boss.

5. Speaking exclusively in French to their kids

6. Detoxing.

7. Vacuuming in heels. And red lipstick. While a pie cools.

8. Missing their children when they are away from them.

9.  NOT counting the days until season 3 of  The Walking Dead starts (October 14).

10. NOT wondering or caring what any other mothers are doing.

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