What I Want My Girls to Know About Steve Jobs

You guys have computers everywhere. iPads, iPods, MacBooks galore.

In 1988 my elementary school obtained 30 Macintosh computers. They were in a locked room and bars were placed over the windows so no one could break in and steal the marvels of modern technology. I wanted nothing more than to bring a nail file to school and flick off the little rainbow apple logo with the perfect little bite taken out of it. I had typing class three times a week and I was horrible at it.

Seriously, HORRIBLE.

In 2001, my first year of college, I asked the guy sitting next to me if I could see his iPod. “You mean this tiny little thing holds all your music and you just have to touch this dial to make it work? It’s so … simple!”

I got my first iPod in 2006 and you guys? It could play videos. Your dad later got an iPod touch and I stayed very nonchalant about it, “OH, It’s not THAT great.” (Whatever. It was awesome.)

In 2007, I saw a commercial where someone was actually playing games on an iPod with a giant screen. It was an iPhone.

Later, I got a MacBook to replace our ancient desktop and as soon as I ran my hands across the cool aluminum body, I was an Apple.

We currently own 5 iPods of various sizes and one MacBook with the purchase of another in the near future. Addie, you are fluent in all of them. Thousands of pictures of you and your sister have danced across these screens. Emails have been sent, stories have been told, jobs have been acquired, friendships  started.

The man behind all of this technology was named Steve Jobs. He passed away today from pancreatic cancer. His loss means so much to a lot of the adults who are my age because he shaped our world in a way we couldn’t have dreamed, even back in 1988, looking at his perfect little rainbows. So many of us are doing what we do because he was so good at doing what he did.

His story was both spectacular and humbling. He was adopted, he dropped out of college, he ran off and experimented in his youth and he was wildly successful because he loved what he did. Part of the reason Macs are so pretty is  because he audited a college Calligraphy course in the 70”²s. And it’s estimated he was worth just over $8 billion dollars upon his death.

I want to put a ding in the universe.”  -Steve Jobs


He really did it, girls.

All I want is for you to make your dings in the Universe.

And to be happy.

And loved.

And always use a Mac.

(PCs are for sissies.)


Article Posted 5 years Ago
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