"What is This?!" Watching the Olympics with My Kids


Confession: I LOOOOOVE the Olympics!

You may think that as a Canadian I would love the Winter Games more, but I am so obsessed with the Summer Games. So these next two weeks I will be glued to the TV basically fixed on the Olympic channel.

My kids are still young so they don’t understand yet the awesome that is the Olympic games. All they know about it is they are watching games on TV that they have never heard of. Their favorite shows are not on the TV screen and their schedule has been interrupted by something that I want, which never really goes over well with the kids.

Over the past few days we have watched tennis matches, diving, synchronized diving, cycling, relay swim, and well, all the swim matches (that happens to be my favorite). During the first day of the Olympics I had to deal with some tantrums from the kids (more my older kid), I expected it because they hate when anything is out of routine, but then they started asking questions!

They were watching and wanted to know the athlete’s names and which country they were from. They got very interested in cheering for the Canadians and then it was on.

They’re now hooked too, which equals double awesome for me!

:: Are you all watching with your families? Which is your favorite sport to watch? ::

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