What Time Do Your Kids Rise and Shine?


I am working from home today and JD does not have camp. I was jolted from a sound sleep at 5 AM. JD was ready and roaring to go. This is unfortunately NOT unusual. My child gets up between 5 and 6:30 AM every single day. It is strange if he sleeps until 7 AM. In fact, on days that he does, I rush into his room fearing he’s not there—I kid you not. JD does not nap and leads a very active life. He eats a balanced diet. He goes to bed between 8:30 and 9 PM after a routine that includes a snack, shower, one cartoon and several books. There are even weekends where he stays up later, but still rises early. I have blackout curtains in his room. I tried that cool alarm clock where you aren’t supposed to get up until the light turns green. Nothing works. I peg this to his father. 

JD’s father was an early riser. He woke up with a smile and energy. He was ready to start the day, just like his son is. I was ready to stay in bed, drink coffee in bed, read the NYT on my computer in bed. I got up and made JD’s father toast and coffee—I did cute girlfriend things like that. Sometimes he’d go running, or I’d lure him back to bed, ha.

I’m a night owl, so I guess genetics are at play here—and I guess opposites did attract. I work and read late into the night. I like silence and darkness and the idea that no one will disturb me because the rest of the world (including my non-stop kid) are sleeping. Being an early riser is not a bad trait to have and in fact when I have work at the magazine, I don’t exactly mind it. We get up extra early, play and I make JD breakfast. I like having the extra time in the morning with him, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t crave the idea of sleeping to at least 7:30 AM on a non-office day or weekend. I am jealous of parents that operate on a “I sleep in on Saturday, you sleep in on Sunday” policy (I have friends that do this). I have no idea what it means to sleep in on Mother’s Day — or Father’s Day — as a special treat.

For the most part, I just go with the flow and get up because I have no other choice. But, I have my days where I can’t help but  coldly quip, “Go.Back.To.Bed.Get.In.Your.Room.Now.” I mean, 5 AM on a Sunday is like nighttime. This usually ends with JD telling me I’m mean, and then crawling into my bed with milk to watch cartoons while I lay there in and out of a light sleep. I mentioned I have anxiety issues and they definitely stem from lack of sleep. I’ve talked to JD’s ped about this and she smirked and said, “One day you’ll have to throw cold water on him and he still won’t budge out of bed. You’ll wonder if he made it to his 8:30 AM college class—and you’ll miss these early mornings.” I wasn’t amused. I was too tired.

What time do your kids go to sleep and when do they rise and shine? Share their ages, too. Soooooo curious. XO

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