When Do You Tell Your Kids About Your Plans to Expand Your Family?


When Do You Tell Your Kids About Your Plans to Expand Your Family?Now, before you get the wrong idea — no, I am not pregnant yet, but a year later we’re still trying and hope know it will happen soon and it’s brought up some questions for us.

My kids know that both my husband and I want another baby. We’ve brought it up in casual conversation with them and, like I’ve mentioned before, they have some baby fever themselves as well. The kids know that we’re trying to make a baby and that it’s taking some time, but they don’t realize that a year of trying is “unusual.”

We’re not worried that we shared this information too soon with them or anything, but when the time comes that we are pregnant (which, gosh I am hoping is soon), we’re not sure when to tell the kids that we’re expecting a baby, that there is actually a baby in mom’s tummy.

My kids are still young: 7-years-old, almost-6-year-old, and almost 4-years-old. They don’t really get the concept of life and death yet. It’s a sad thing to think about but with our history of miscarriage, we’re not sure when to tell the kids for fear of losing the baby and having to explain that further to them.

They know that we lost a son named Triton, but don’t know about any of the other losses yet. It’s something I am for sure going to be open about discussing with them as they age, but right now I don’t think it’s something that they will really grasp.

However, what happens if we share the news (when there is some to share) and we lose the baby early on? Is it possible to shelter it from the kids for a while or better to share with them so we can celebrate no matter what? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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