Why More People Should Blog About Their Kids


dadcampWe mommy/daddy bloggers often cause a stir because we are branded as oversharers. Many think we should just keep the stories of our kids and family life to ourself instead of putting our drama in digital form for the world to see.

While it’s true that there is some oversharing in the parent blogging world, it’s quickly erased by the great service we are doing our family and our children. We are creating a record of our family’s life. We are telling the story of our children with each blog we write, each photo we take, each video we publish.

It’s true some of these photos are over the line, and people should really rethink ever posting anything to Instagram because of their terms of service, but by digitally documenting our lives we are creating an archive for the future.

In the spring of 1975, I took my first ever ride on a plane. I went to Disney World with my grandparents.

I know this because my grandmother kept a “blog” of my vacation. Okay, in 1975 it would have been called a scrapbook or a diary, but I have that record of my life. I often cite that trip as my earliest childhood memory. I remember it because I have constantly flipped through the book looking at the pictures and reading the story that she told.

It is my hope that when my children are parents, or feeling nostalgic, that they can cycle through my YouTube, Flickr, and blogs and constantly relive the adventures we have had. You don’t have to be so public in your blogging and oversharing. You don’t have to monetize your site and beg for viewers. But you should be keeping track of what’s going on.

You could do the Dear Sophie thing and send emails to your children. You can open up Google Docs and just do a digital Dear Diary that nobody will see. You could set up Twitter accounts for them to record those spontaneous silly phrases that only kids say. You can set up Tumblogs to keep photos, videos, and stories from your family adventures. You can make them as public or as private as you want, but you need to make them.

This is the best time of your life, and it needs to be saved and cherished and remembered.