Yer Outta Here! For Now.


Well, baseball season is officially over.

The boys won the big game I wrote about last week, and made their way to the Finals. They were excited. The parents were excited. Everyone was excited!

There were also a lot of nervous tummies and nail biting leading up to the game, admittedly more so on the part of the parents than for boys. They were just happy to be able to continue playing baseball.

Unfortunately, they lost their next game by 1 run, which knocked them out of the playoffs and gave them a second place spot for the 2012 season. There were many, many tears shed when the game was over. They were awarded with medals, and then looked on as the first place team was awarded their trophies. It was the first time, for most of them, that they had been forced to deal with that sort of situation. And it stung.

As parents we were, of course, very disappointed, but we put smiles on our faces and made sure that the boys knew how insanely proud we were of them. They played their hearts out and even though it didn’t turn out in our favor, we were still so thrilled with how they played and, more importantly, how they conducted themselves on and off of the field.

After having some time to recover from their disappointment, most of them started talking about how sad they were that the season was over, and that they wouldn’t be playing baseball together anymore.

And just like that, the 2012 U7 Summer Sluggers League was born.

Here we go again.