You'll Shoot Your Eye Out: Fireworks Injuries By Body Part (Infographic)


Tomorrow is the 4th of July and for some people that means a week-long excuse to set off fireworks. (And for some moms of sleeping kids it means nightly calls to the police to try and get them to knock it off.) Fireworks for the 4th  are as American as apple pie. I think we can all remember waving sparklers in the dusk or shooting off Roman candles in the street. It’s all good, wholesome fun, right?

Well, not always. Fireworks are dangerous and many states restrict their sale because they lead to injuries or worse. A 2012 study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that in 2011, 4 people died and 9,600 were treated in emergency rooms for fireworks injuries. 65% of those injuries happened between June 17 and July 17, 2011.

If you’re curious what sort of injuries fireworks can cause, the Washington Post created a handy graphic for reference. By far, most of the injuries are to hands and fingers (47%), with eyes and face/head tying for second place at 17% each.

fireworks graph

Rather than being a statistic in a graph, I suggest leaving the fireworks to the professionals this holiday. For some safer options, check out these safer suggestions from Babble writer Megan Francis!

Photo credit: Washington Post

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