Your Evening Cry: 6-Year-Old Girl Plays Violin for Michelle Obama


When it comes to women I admire, First Lady Michelle Obama tops the list. She just exudes class, intelligence and, most importantly, kindness. Her impeccable sense of fashion doesn’t hurt either and I’ve never seen an interview with her where she didn’t come off as friendly and down-to-earth. I feel like Michelle Obama could be the pleasantly chatty mother pushing her child on the swings next to mine at the park.

Another thing I love about Michelle Obama? She gives great hugs which is a pretty important skill in my book. Unfortunately, I’ve never been the recipient of one, but I deduced this from watching a recent video of the First Lady. In it she visits with a few Virginian citizens in a pie shop and warm embraces abound.

The part of the video that really choked me up involves 6-year-old Sydney Trapp who Mrs. Obama encourages to play the violin. She watches attentively as the little girl bows her way through a tune and when she finishes wraps her in a big hug and tells Sydney she did “Awesome.”

You can tell that the moment is one that the little girl will remember for the rest of her life.

Watch the video here:

CBS via Jezebel

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