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I have some crazy outrageous number of cousins on my dad’s side of the family. I was pretty tight with a few of them (Hi Carrie! Hi Cassie! Hi Dustin!) but the rest unfortunately fade into memories of family reunions and bad haircuts. My mom’s side comes with one cousin and my step mom’s side? Three. Far more manageable. I’m happy to report I can remember all of their names but wish I was able to see them a little more often. You have three grandmas, two grandpas and four great grandparents still living. I love hearing stories from all of them about when they were younger, especially lately hearing ones from Gigi about raising her three kids. Hearing her admit to collapsing into sobs in the kitchen of her new house from exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed with the big move, a new baby and an active three year old put into perspective that these days I have with you girls won’t last forever, and soon enough I’ll be sitting around the dinner table retelling stories about you girls as tiny little babies and the days we struggled to get by as a family.

With our family spread far and wide we don’t get together as often as we should, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy the time we have together as much as possible when we have it. Here’s my side of your family, the ones that made the biggest difference and will be in my heart, and therefore part of your heart, forever.

  • Funny Grandpa and Grandma Mary 1 of 10
    Funny Grandpa and Grandma Mary
    You are named after this lady right here, she may be stern and serious but the two of them have lived amazing lives. Married for over 60 years, they continue to live independently in Southern California and travel despite both being 88 and 90 years old.
  • Gigi 2 of 10
    Gigi came into my life when I was about your age, she's always been full of spunk and has a laugh that makes flowers bloom. She's always decked out in comfy velour pantsuits, gold shoes and fantastic little pins and necklaces.
  • Grandpa Gigi 3 of 10
    Grandpa Gigi
    You never got to meet Grandpa Gigi because he passed the night you came home from the hospital. He was a funny guy who loved his Ducky (Gigi) furiously and rather than saying 'Goodbye' he always sent you away with the wishes 'Tap 'er light' (He loved to golf.)
  • Tiny Grandma 4 of 10
    Tiny Grandma
    This is my mom, the reason I roll my eyes the way I do and the reason I exist. She's the one who got me into photography and she's the one who let me live through my teenage years. The two of you are pretty tight and it makes me happy to know what a good relationship you have with her.
  • Grandpa Fish 5 of 10
    Grandpa Fish
    This is my daddy, we haven't always gotten along but no matter what there has always been a soft spot for him. He's a fantastic hugger, always smells of aftershave and wood and is one of the best woodworkers I've ever seen.
  • Grandma Flower 6 of 10
    Grandma Flower
    Grandpa Fish married Grandma Flower 20 years ago and I'm so glad he did. She takes such good care of him, us and you. She always walks guests to the door and I will never see a bowl of steamed carrots without thinking of her.
  • Sissy 7 of 10
    My only sister, 22 months older than me and I only began appreciating her in the last decade. We played together but we never truly got along until we grew up and moved out. She's an animal lover to her core and can wrestle a feral cat better than I can bake a cake.
  • Uncle Thomas 8 of 10
    Uncle Thomas
    Uncle Thomas joined us two years ago and oh how he's settled right in. You were nervous about him at first but now the two of you are besties and nearly inseparable when you're together.
  • Cousin Jaush 9 of 10
    Cousin Jaush
    This is my only cousin on my mom's side and he is quite possibly the most talented and skilled cousin anyone has ever had ever. He makes clothes, designs things, does photography and has done my hair and makeup better than anyone ever has. He's funny, smart and witty. I hope you can hang out with him more as you get older, I know my life was better because I got to spend so much time with him when I was younger.
  • Great Aunt Cheryl 10 of 10
    Great Aunt Cheryl
    Everyone knows about Aunt Cheryl. She is the woman that made the biggest difference in my life short of the one who brought me into this world. She passed away two years ago and your baby sister is named after her. Everything about her is and was marvelous. I hope you never forget the time you were able to spend with her and that I do her justice by telling you stories about her and keeping her legacy alive.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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