Your Mom's Pinterest Board


Your mom didn’t have Pinterest back in the day but if she did, you know this is what her boards would have looked like.

  • Board: Pantyhose Crafts 1 of 11
    Board: Pantyhose Crafts
    Mom's Comment: Want!
  • Board: I Could Make That 2 of 11
    Board: I Could Make That
    Mom's Comment: Home made = Heart made <3
  • Board: Oo la la 3 of 11
    Board: Oo la la
    Mom's Comment: What's up pussycat? ;0
  • Board: Macrame 4 of 11
    Board: Macrame
    Mom's Comment: Also for purses and plant hangers?
  • Board: Now I’ve Seen Everything 5 of 11
    Board: Now I've Seen Everything
    Mom's Comment: TOO FUNNY!
  • Board: My Style 6 of 11
    Board: My Style
    Mom's Comment: Love!
  • Board: Vest Ideas 7 of 11
    Board: Vest Ideas
    Mom's Comment: Remember for X-mas
  • Board: My Tech 8 of 11
    Board: My Tech
    Mom's Comment: Where's Mr. Roboto? LOL
  • Board: Exotica 9 of 11
    Board: Exotica
    Mom's Comment: Oh.My.Word. The colors!!!
  • Board: Death by Chocolate 10 of 11
    Board: Death by Chocolate
    Mom's Comment: All my faves!
  • Board: Giggles 11 of 11
    Board: Giggles
    Mom's Comment: TOO, TOO FUNNY!

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