Zacharie Responde


Dear Internet,

Simmer down. Of course my father favors me. That is by design. I walk. I talk. I pretend to be infinitely entertained by geo-caching. What you don’t know–what you could not possibly understand–is that I love Dadcamp. Moreover, I love my mother and little brother. Charlie? Don’t feel sorry for him. After a day at the park with daddycamp Charlie begs me to take the pressure off of him–the fishing, the hiking, the frolicking! The poor child can only take so much. And so I step forward time and time again in the spirit of taking one for the team. Am I my father’s favorite? Yes. And my little brother thanks me for it. In two languages.

You see, in spite of how he comes across, old Dadcamp’s a sensitive guy. Mother and I worry over him. If he knew the depths of my devotion to her–the way I enjoy her company, think she’s more interesting to talk to, and simply appreciate the stage she’s in a bit more –it would break his heart. He might never blog again! I think we all agree, folks, THAT CAN NOT HAPPEN.

So for now, let him enjoy my company. In a few years Charlie will be stronger. He can step in and bear the burden of being Dad’s favorite for a while. Until then, read his blog, click on his links, and comment up a storm. It keeps him distracted so mom and I can slip away for illicit trips to McDonalds. Keep up the good work, internet!


le Zacharie

PS Charlie says Bonjour. He’s doing great for now but check back in 20 years. We’ll see how much therapy he needs, at which time all the anonymous commenters can say “I told you so.” It will be worth the wait!

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