Zachary...Being Zachary (Video)


As I’ve mentioned before, my 4 year old is very much his own person. He is outgoing, and adorable, and people are naturally drawn to him.

He’s just a really likable sort of kid.

I mean, he certainly has moments, like any 4 year old, where he annoys the crap out of me, and the rest of our family, but for the most part, Zachary is one of those individuals that people simply enjoy being around.

He’s going to be the high school kid that all the other kids and parents like. The frat boy that entertains everyone at the frat parties. The adult that gets along with everyone.

The other night, as we were sitting on the couch just before bed, I looked over and realized that he had my phone, and he was busy taking a video of himself. After watching the video, I realized how perfectly “Zachary” it is. Just him, being a goofball and enjoying himself immensely. His little brain is a mystery, but gosh, is it entertaining. You can check it out below.



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