9 Things I Can Now Do After Giving Birth!


Did you have a “bucket list” of things you wanted to do after giving birth? I, for one, couldn’t wait to have caffeine and drink a glass of wine. But since I was breastfeeding, I actually postponed a few of those things — that is until last week. I’m officially finished breastfeeding and rejoicing on a few things I couldn’t do while pregnant or nursing.

Here are 9 things I can now do since I am past both giving birth and nursing. What were you most looking forward to? Leave me a comment below.

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  • Sleeping on my Stomach 2 of 10
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    I never realized how much I loved sleeping on my stomach until I was pregnant and ONLY slept on my left side. After giving birth, it was one of the best feelings ever! Hallelujah! 

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  • Eating Spicy Food without Fear of Going into Labor! 3 of 10
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    Whether it's an old wives tale or not, it's great to be able to eat some spicy Mexican food without fear that I'll go into labor. Pass the Tabasco sauce, please! 

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  • Getting a Pedicure without Fear of Going into Labor! 4 of 10
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    The same goes with getting a pedicure. I was always worried they would touch a pressure point on my feet and make me go into labor (or maybe I was just paranoid of going into labor early altogether). 

  • Having a Drink 5 of 10
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    Although many studies say it's fine to have a glass of wine during pregnancy, I decided to skip it altogether and finally had my first drink this past weekend. Let me tell you, that mimosa was uh-mazing. Cheers! 

  • Putting on my Shoes without Assistance 6 of 10
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    I was lucky if I even saw my feet, let alone try to tie my shoes. It's nice to be able put on your shoes assistance-free. Although I must admit, I did like it when my husband would put on my socks at night. 

  • Caffeine! 7 of 10
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    Sometimes I might need not one, not two, but three cups of coffee to function in the day. It's great to not have to worry about limiting my caffeine intake. 

  • Bleaching! 8 of 10
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    Now that I've stopped nursing, I'm so excited to finally bleach my upper lip. Yes, I said it. Now the hubby can stop all his werewolf jokes. 

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  • Eating Fish and Sushi 9 of 10
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    Many fish are high in mercury, which is why they recommend limiting your fish intake while pregnant. I'm a huge seafood lover and loved indulging in mercury overload after giving birth. Here's some yummy fried seafood I had this past weekend. Oh, and my hubby is holding a bottle of beer (so I'm killing two birds with one stone). 

  • Using My Face Creams 10 of 10
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    Time to dust off my face creams and anti-aging products. So it contains Benzoyl Peroxide and Retin-A? No problem! I'm not pregnant anymore! 

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