10 Ways to Experience Books with Kids


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“Reading is dreaming with open eyes.” ~Author Unknown

And there is nothing better than dreaming with your child as you dive into a new adventure together. Our home school curriculum pretty much has us learning and teaching all of our U.S. History using some of the classics and other great books. I must tell you, my favorite time of our day is when we sit together on our long couch by the window and soak up the afternoon sun as we enjoy a good book.

Here are 10 Ways to Experience Books with Kids:

1. Reading fort – Find a fun and comfy place to enjoy your book.

2. Reenact a book – Let the dramatic side of you come out as you take turns reenacting a scene from a book.

3. Different accents – Take turns reading using a different accent or an understandable silly voice. We love doing this. Country, British, Opera…

4. Writing – If your child enjoys writing, have them write a letter to the author (even if you’re not going to send it) sharing with them what they loved about the story and other details.

5. Cooking – Yes, you read correctly, cooking is a great way to enjoy a book together. You can cook a recipe from that era, place, or meal mentioned in the book.

6. Books can inspire pretend play, so let the book take your playing to another level.

7. Go on a trip or virtual trip – Explore the area that your book takes place in. If it’s nearby, take a trip or go online and research interesting facts about the area.

8. Art – Have your child draw a scene from the story, or just let them explore with paint after reading the book and let their mood take their painting to another level.

9. Dress up – You can dress up in costume or bring props that help the book come alive for the both of you.

10. Read in an unusual place – Don’t just save reading for bedtime. Read during the day and find fun places to enjoy a book together. Take it outdoors if the weather allows.

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