12 Days of Christmas: Gift Ideas Kids Can Make - Day 1


As I mentioned yesterday, I will be scouring the internet for the next couple of weeks looking for some fabulously easy crafts for your kids to make. In our home, we have what I call our Santa Workshop Day, where our family gathers around and we make stocking stuffer gifts for each other. I will share more about our tradition in the days to come, but our goal behind Santa Workshop Day is to simplify Christmas and get our kids thinking about ways they can give to others and not just receive.

Last year, we made something similar to put in our guest bathroom, except we used black contact paper and it worked just fine. It’s the perfect gift to share with teachers and neighbors, or as a stocking stuffer for loved ones!

12 days of christmas 1
This easy kid craft is from Keeping it Simple; stop by her fabulous blog to get all the details!

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