6 Yummy and Creative Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed Ideas


When I use to live with my mom, my sister and I would always make her breakfast in bed. Now that I will be celebrating my first Mother’s Day this weekend, I’m hoping to keep the tradition alive. Hopefully my husband has caught the hints I’ve been leaving him cough cough. Here are some delicious, and not to mention creative, breakfast in bed ideas any mom would enjoy.


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    Scroll through to check out these yummy and creative Mother's Day breakfast ideas. 

  • Rainbow Colored Pancakes 2 of 7
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    How adorable are these rainbow colored pancakes? They're sure to bring a smile to mom's face and not to mention they are really easy to make! 

    Make them here. 

    Image: Oh Joy!

  • Heart-Shaped Egg in the Hole 3 of 7
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    This heart-shaped egg in the hole would make the perfect Mother's Day breakfast -thanks to good ol' Martha Stewart. 

    Make it here. 

    Image: Martha Stewart

  • Dreamy Cream Scones 4 of 7
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    There's no sweeter way to say Happy Mother's Day than with these sweet Dreamy Cream Scones. 

    Make them here.

    Image: Smitten Kitchen 

  • Lemon Ricotta Pancakes 5 of 7
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    These lemon ricotta pancakes, from the fabulous blogger Cupcakes and Cashmere,  look absolutely delicious. The smell alone will make mom want to jump out of bed. 

    Make the here. 

    Image: Cupcakes and Cashmere

  • Flower Power Breakfast 6 of 7
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    How creative is this flower themed breakfast? The stems are made out of bacon and she used food coloring to draw flowers on the biscuits. 

    Make it here. 

    Image: Hungry Happenings 

  • Egg Pizza 7 of 7
    Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 9.43.01 PM

    This idea combines two of my favorite things, breakfast and eggs! It really doesn't get any better than this in my book. 

    Make it here. 

    Image: Cupcakes and Cashmere 


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