7 Everyday Things My Daughter Fears

Growing up I was never the bravest child on the block. However, I was a true tomboy and that required bravery of sorts. My daughter, on the other hand, is very fearful and hypersensitive. So much that sometimes I wonder if it’s normal at almost 4 years old.

Doctors always have said each child develops differently and some kids are just more sensitive than others. People who have witnessed the over-the-top reaction my daughter has to, say, taking a shower, are prompt to recommend I run to the doctor and get a diagnosis.

I must confess that it puzzled me how fearful she was to certain things when we never tell her scary things. In Latin America, and in my house in particular, it was not uncommon to hear about el cuco or la ciguapa, creatures that appeared during the night and could be very scar, and create fear, especially in the eyes of a child.

That’s why it has been difficult to understand and deal with my daughter’s fears, but at the same time I will not rush her development and start seeing problems where there are none. Is she over-sensitive? Yes. Is she a crybaby? Yes. Does her doctor think all of it is normal? A sounding yes!

If you have wonder about your kid’s behavior, some of the following fears might be familiar:

  • Plush dolls 1 of 7

    In the beginning I thought it was because of her age and the size of some of these dolls. However, her frightened reactions when exposed to these took about two years to go away. My son, in the other hand, loves all kinds of plush dolls. That's normal too!
    Photo credit: Alvinmann on Morguefile

  • The shower 2 of 7
    The shower - Pippalou

    Don't get me wrong, she loves to take baths, but do not open the shower because she'll panic, big time. I remember when the two of us went to Disney, every time I had to give her a bath, she'll cry her lungs out.
    Photo credit: Pippalou on MorgueFile.

  • Nail clippers 3 of 7
    Nail clipper - Wanderer

    If you ever watched a telenovela (Latin soap opera) think any main female character aching for lost love and you'll have my child's tears every time it was time to cut her nails.
    Photo credit: Wanderer on MorgueFile.

  • Combing her hair 4 of 7
    Combing hair

     I know is not easy having curly her, it's harder to comb, wash and take care of it overall. However, to take my daughter out, I have to plan ahead, way ahead. It takes more than an hour to shower, dress and do her hair.
    Photo credit: Bhailu7 on MorgueFile

  • Hair dryer 5 of 7
    Hair Dryer

    I would never dare to blow-dry my little girls' beautiful curls. It didn't really matter. She'll suffer through my blow-drying routine as if she had a painful wound. Photo credit: Dania Santana

  • Buttonless garments 6 of 7

    Any t-shirt or blouse that have to go through her head is still a huge no-no for my daughter. I've found ways of making the process a little less painful, but she is still afraid every time I have to change her.
    Photo credit: Dania Santana

  • Doctor visits 7 of 7
    Doctor visit

    This is a very common one among children younger than 5, and even older. However, my girl could not resist seeing me walking to my own doctor's office visit. Tried taking her with me, and when she saw me getting on the exam table, she freaked out too.
    Photo credit: Ronnieb on MorgueFile

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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