Day of the Dead Guide: Hair, Makeup, and Fashion


Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is almost here! Have you put your look together yet? No? Good thing I put together a little Day of the Dead guide for you! I gathered my favorite hair, makeup, and fashion tips — all with the help of my very talented and creative friends.

So, while you’re in the middle of preparing your altars, making your sugar skulls, or baking your pan de muerto, you can check out my guide to help you get the look!

Celebrity hair stylist Leonardo Rocco and Suave sent me three exclusive hair styles that will be perfect for Dia de los Muertos. Rocco is one of the most in demand hair artists and celebrity stylists in the industry. And, of course, we need a few (awesome) face painting tutorials for everyone — men and kids included. I also added a little bit of fashion! Enjoy!

Here’s your Day of the Dead guide…

  • Day of the Dead Hair Style #1 1 of 12

    Celebrity stylist Leonardo Rocco has come up with exclusive hairstyles perfect for Day of the Dead! Here are his tips on how you can get gorgeous beach waves and this haunting hairstyle above!

    1. Once you wash your hair, apply a bit of Suave Professionals® Keratin Infusion Smooth and Shine Serum to add shine and softness to the hair and fight humidity to prevent frizz.
    2. Blow dry your hair with a round barrel brush. The best way to do it is dividing it in small pieces.
    3. Choose a curler with a diameter bigger than 2 inches; curl the hair from the middle to the ends.
    4. Apply a few pumps of the Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil and run your fingers through your hair to open up the waves.
    5. Lastly, use a bit of Suave Professionals® Touchable Finish Extra Hold Hairspray to hold the waves longer. Pin a flower on the side, and you're ready for your party! 

    Image courtesy of Suave

  • Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial 2 of 12

    I'm obsessed with this Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial! It's so stunning and elegant. Rachel does an amazing job bringing her Spanish inspiration to life.

    Get the entire step-by-step tutorial here.

    Image courtesy of Rachel Matos

  • The Mexican Wedding Dress 3 of 12

    When it comes to a Day of the Dead look, why not look for a Mexican wedding dress or something inspired by it? Check your local thrift stores or vintage shops. Or head over to Etsy, like I did. I found this beautiful vintage 70's Flora Oaxacan dress from Hellhound Vintage. 

    Image via Hell Hound Vintage

  • Day of the Dead Hair Style #2 4 of 12

    Leonardo Rocco's creativity comes to life with this Day of the Dead updo. Try this look to show off your makeup. 

    1. Shake your Suave Professionals® Volumizing Mousse for about 3 seconds, then pour it in your hand. Apply it on your hair with a wide tooth comb and cover thoroughly. This product is perfect because it gives about four times more body and volume to your hair, making it look heavy.
    2. Dry your hair with a round barrel brush focusing on the crown of the head, which is where you want to create volume.
    3. Now split your hair to the sides and put your hair up in a ponytail, leaving the hair in front of your ears loose. Keep in mind your hair needs to be teased; this is not a clean cut look.
    4. Keep splitting your ponytail and curling each piece of hair. After this, wrap each piece around your fingers and pin it to the ponytail. If necessary, pin one piece of hair on top of the other; this will create volume. Leave some loose to give the hairdo a softer look.
    5. Take both parts that were previously left loose and place both pieces under the ponytail to better frame your face. Curl the rest of the hair and pin it.
    6. Lastly, use your Suave Professionals® Touchable Finish Extra Hold Hairspray to fix your 'do. The advantage of using this spray that it maintains those curls left loose for longer, so you can enjoy the night without worrying about your hair. Place one or several colorful flowers on your head to add that Día de Muertos final touch.

    Image courtesy of Suave

  • Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial for Guys 5 of 12

    Rachel continues her creativity with this Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial for Guys. Yes, guys can get in on the action, too. Don't they look so handsome?

    Get the entire step-by-step tutorial here. 

    Image courtesy of Rachel Matos

  • 15 Floral Crowns Perfect for Dia de Los Muertos 6 of 12

    No Day of the Dead look is complete without a floral crown. I wrote this post earlier in the month and just had to share it with you again. Here are 15 floral crowns you'll love. 

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  • How to Paint Sugar Skull Makeup for Kids 7 of 12

    Denise of shows us this great Day of the Dead: Sugar Skull Makeup for Kids tutorial! It's so great to see that her kids love and appreciate this holiday as much as she does!

    Watch Day of the Dead: Sugar Skull Makeup for Kids now.

  • Day of the Dead Hair Style #3 8 of 12

    Your Day of the Dead look might just need a little teased ponytail. Leonardo Rocco gives us the steps to achieve this look. 

    1. Wash your hair a day before, then spray Suave Professionals® Dry Shampoo on your dry hair from about 6 to 7 inches away, dividing it at about 1 inch width. Apply mostly on your roots and along the first two inches of your hair, since that is where oil residue is concentrated. This product not only absorbs the oil, but refreshes the hair as well. Aside from this, it also adds volume, which is necessary for this look.
    2. Once you apply it, use the hairdryer at its maximum heat and blow from the roots down. Then bend your head forward and, just like in the movies, quickly stand back up. Notice the difference this dry shampoo creates, adding a lot more volume to your hair.
    3. If your hair is not naturally wavy, curl it up a bit in order to create more texture.
    4. Softly comb your hair to the side you prefer, and hold it behind your neck. Grab a piece of hair and wrap it around the ponytail to cover the hairband.
    5. Lastly, spray a bit of Suave Professionals® Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Hairspray, which offers you a light finish that can be easily combed, and complement your hairdo with colorful flowers. 

    Image courtesy of Suave

  • Sugar Skull Face Painting DIY 9 of 12

    Kathy, The Crafty Chica, is my favorite DIY artist EVER! Her daughter Maya and their friend Jeshua made this video showing us how to use the new Crafty Chica Dia de los Muertos Face Paint Kit

    Watch Sugar Skull Face Painting DIY now.

  • Day of the Dead Inspired Fashion Look 10 of 12

    Get a Day of the Dead-inspired fashion look ... courtesy of me! I wrote this post on my personal blog. Yes, these are in plus sizes, but you can recreate this look for any size! Just use it for inspiration. 

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  • Make your own Dia de los Muertos TOMS shoes 11 of 12

    Raise your hands if you want these shoes ... me too! Denise of painted these. She offers a tutorial on her blog on how you can make your own Dia de los Muertos TOMS shoes.

    Read Make your own Dia de los Muertos TOMS shoes.

  • Day of the Dead Calaca Face Painting 12 of 12
    Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 1.16.14 PM

    This really isn't a tutorial, but rather inspiration to get you and your family in the mood for Day of the Dead! In this post on Spanglish Baby, watch as Ana and her family get their faces painted.

    Watch Day of the Dead Calaca Face Painting.

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