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Food For Thought Fridays: Top 10 Funny Things Kids Say

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One of the many perks of having kids: they keep you entertained with the darndest things they say.  These are the things that will pop up 20 years from now at a holiday family meal and cause laughter.

As promised here are the top 10 funniest things kids say, that our readers shared with us last week. Honestly, it was hard to choose because they were all so funny so after not being able to decide I randomly picked them.  To enjoy the rest of them stop by last weeks Food for Thought Fridays comments section.

in the words of kids

girl: I know how to spell my mom’s name. My mom’s name is m-o-m
boy: Hey!? that’s how you spell my mom’s name too.  submitted by Misty


Holding a sanitary napkin (bka pad) my son says this to our guest who was bleeding. “This big band-aid will make you feel better.” submitted by A Mom Not A Pro


We had just finished reading a book and my daughter asked me “Mommy, can I be ANYTHING I want to when I grow up?” I began to say “If you really work hard, and study a lot, then you can be anything you want to when you grow up!” She smiled excitedly and said “Yay! I want to be a dolphin!” ~ submitted by Kid World Citizen


While driving to school today, My eldest was reading all the signs we passed. After about 5 minutes of that he stopped and said. “Alright, that’s it. I’m all done with my sight words.” submitted by Boy Mama Teacher Mama


What my son said the other day when we were cuddling. He told me he didn’t want to hug too close as he didn’t want to hurt the ducks….he said there were a hundred ducks in my boobs to make milk for him when he was a baby…!?!? I had told him the milk came from DUCTS a few week’s previously! submitted by Kiddy Charts


Another one from one of my preschoolers: (me) “You are going to be tall when you grow up!? (2-yr-old) “Yes. I’m going to be taller than Mommy. Then, I’m going to eat a big Vitamin!” submitted by True Aim Education


My daughter thinks our dog pees out of his tail. From this, she’s deduced that boys have tails. Which leads to monologues like this: Daddy pees out of his tail. Ethan (her neighbor friend) pees out of his tail. Mr. Kyle (Ethan’s dad!), he a guy. He pee out his tail too. Mommy (pulls down her pants), see? I no have tail! I have boop boop! submitted by Nothing If Not Intentional


When my eldest son was 3 years old he asked my father in-law why he was smoking? To what my father in-law answered, well the same way you enjoy your soccer ball I enjoy my pipe. So David looked at the ball and replied ok, I like my ball except I do not set it on fire. submitted by Spanglish House


My 20-month-old son is in the parroting phase where repeats nearly everything he hears. A few weeks ago I told him, “We’re going to go home and eat with Daddy.” He repeated, “EAT DADDY!” submitted by Mama OT


When my older son was two or three, we were sitting in a restaurant near a table where a man with a mullet was sitting. My son turned to my husband and asked, “Why does that daddy have mommy hair?” submitted by Little Moments 


Every Friday I will be sharing with you my new series: “Food for Thought Fridays: Quotes, Deep Thoughts and Downright Stupidity.”

Next week, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week we will be sharing,  “You know you’re a Teacher if you ______.” Stop by and leave your comments. 

I know that by Friday we can all use a little inspiration, encouragement or humor.  I hope you enjoy these thoughts, tips, ramblings from famous people, lovely people, inspiring people, rich people, kids, moms, mother-in-laws, ex-boyfriends, teachers, dads…. Because not just the eloquent and famous deserve to be quoted.

Join me each week on “We Are That Familia.” I am ecstatic to be sharing with you here on Babble.com as their newest Lifestyle Latina contributor on all things “Family” from recipes, crafts, inspirational (and not so inspirational) stories, and life as we know it. You can catch up on our merrymaking over at Inspiredbyfamilymag.com , on Facebook, on Pinterest.

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