Latina Parenting Dilemma: Choosing The Tooth Fairy or El Raton


My son lost his first tooth and a few days later lost his second. I wanted to make his experience losing a tooth extra special. This was an important milestone for my 5 year old. I searched for ways to make the tooth fairy’s visit special. Soon I was feeling troubled. Did I want my son’s first tooth to be taken from the Tooth Fairy or El Raton who occasionally visited me?

Without really thinking about it, I got my son excited for the Tooth Fairy to visit. I explained what he must do and how he needed to sleep for the Tooth Fair to visit. I forgot all about El Raton. I automatically had made a choice. I wondered if it was too late to have El Raton visit. How was I to explain The Tooth Fairy taking a day off so El Raton could visit too?

tooth fairy vs el raton

Luckily, after two successful Tooth Fairy visits, within a week, I had an answer. I found a book that made sense to me and I knew it would make sense to my son too. El Raton and The Tooth Fairy are a team! Of course, they can both visit and take turns visiting my son. The book was the perfect solution to our bi-cultural parenting dilemma.

I was happy I could still incorporate my cultural beliefs as well as our new American ones into our bi-cultural lifestyle. Needless to say, The Tooth Fairy did a spectacular job on her first two visit but I know El Raton will have a few treats to bring next time.

 Who visits your kids, The Tooth Fairy or El Raton? Would you consider having them both visit?

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