Made in Haiti: Supporting The Apparent Project


We all know about the devastating earthquake that hit the small country of Haiti in 2010. Since then, one of the problems Haitians have had is finding work. That’s why I’ve always been a supporter (and fan) of programs like Heart of Haiti. Initiatives like this are organized to help artisans earn money to support themselves and their families. Last month, I visited their booth at a conference and was introduced to The Apparent Project.

Not only was I introduced, but I just so happened to walk away with two beautiful handcrafted bracelets (below). And I was surprised to learn that they were made using discarded materials like cereal boxes, oil drums, and trash paper. Aren’t they gorgeous?


The Apparent Project creates beautiful upcycled jewelry, journals, and home decor. My bracelets were made by women named Catrine and Masseline. It feels great knowing these women are working and providing for their families—something this initiative works towards. Their passion is to keep families together, because they know that extreme poverty can lead to children being give up to orphanages. Something that is very common in Haiti. The Apparent Project gives these artisans a chance to use their skills to pay for their children’s food, shelter, and education.


And with the holidays coming up, there’s no better and unique gift you can give, than one of their beautiful items. Visit Market Haiti to shop. There are other ways you can support The Apparent Project! You can even host your own jewelry party, something I’m hoping to do in the near future. Visit their web site and see how you can make a difference.

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