Mexican Herbs Garden Space


indoor garden

My mom was always growing cilantro in our backyard. Cilantro, tomatoes and hot peppers were always readily available for her delicious salsa.

A salsa garden sounds too complicated for this aspiring wannabe gardener who always kills everything, but herbs sound more doable.

The following herbs you will find in a variety of our beloved Mexican meals.  You can buy the seeds or a small plant and repot it in your garden. I’m doing the latter.  I know my garden lover child will love to watch his little plants blossom into food that we actually use!

So even if your space is confined to indoor pots on your kitchen window sill, you will enjoy cutting your own fresh herbs. Here’s a great idea for indoor pots, using chalkboard paint. Genius! Go to Breakfast with Audrey to get all the details.

Mexican Herbs Garden Space

1. Cilantro

2. Oregano

3. Hierba buena (spearmint)

4. Chamomile

5. Laurel

6. Cumin

image via ~ Breakfast with Audrey


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