¿Qué?: Speaking the not so Perfect Spanish


Spanish class for teensMy son is taking Spanish next year in high school. I personally cannot wait. I know he understands the language more than what he cares to admit, and for him to get the formal education for the language he hears on a daily basis is sweet music to my ears.

But what I’m expecting might be different from what I might get. See, my teenager is a lazy student. He is so comfortable with just “getting by” that it scares me to think that when school starts again (he’s homeschooling) he will either think he knows everything or heavily rely on me for answers instead of just learning the mechanics of the Spanish language.

I am not the greatest speaker when it comes to Spanish. I consider myself fully bilingual, but I’m sure others will beg to differ. When I speak Spanish, I speak it with an accent (which is totally normal since English is my first language) and my grammar and phonics are a little off—BUT, I still intend to be my son’s primary teacher when September rolls around. I want my son to be willing to absorb what will be taught to him and learn the proper way to read and write Spanish.

He may not know it yet, but I know for a fact that he will need it sooner than later.  I’ve told him time and time again about the benefits of being bilingual and before I can finish my sentence, he’s already in La la land. Teenagers are a load of fun, aren’t they?

My hope for this school year is that he learn the basics of the Spanish language and hopefully (wishful thinking, here) it lights a spark of love for a language he has heard his entire life.