Can You Be Overdressed? Overeducated?


Can you be overdressed? Overeducated?

Not according to Oscar Wilde — and I back him up 100%!

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This quote totally reminds me of a man I met when I was a little girl. My father is a very social and hospitable person. When I was young, he was always inviting houseguests over for dinner, holiday meals, etc. There was always some “stranger” in our home.

Once, I overheard him tell my mom that he was going to ask his co-workers to our house for dinner after work. So when he walked through the door with a man dressed in a suit, I was quite shocked. I thought my dad had invited his boss. I quickly got to know this older, tall man wearing a suit. At one point, our houseguest shared that one day he was going to be a lawyer. He shared that it was hard to envision this when his current job was a butcher, but that one day he really was going to become a lawyer.

To this day, I haven’t forgotten what he said as he was about to leave: “You see, I believe that I need to dress like I feel. How I dress reflects how I feel about myself in some way. So even though I am a butcher now, this doesn’t mean that I feel like a butcher. I’m an educated man who has a dream, so I dress the part. I can never be too overdressed.”

Even though I was young, I didn’t think he was ridiculous. Instead, I admired him. I wasn’t sure why at that young age, but now I see that it was his determination and dream. Sure enough, he did become a lawyer by the time I was in high school, and he even represented me in a car accident case that wasn’t my fault.