Waking up with Latinas and Their Cafecito

Drinking coffee for Latinos is not just a morning routine — it’s really part of our culture. My grandmother, being the first to introduce me to coffee during our mornings together, really showed me that it was more than just a cup of coffee. She’d drink coffee all through the day. A cup in the morning as she was waking up, and another cup as she prepared lunch. My grandmother prepared her café con leche sweet and delicious!

I’ve never really liked drinking hot coffee, let alone in the mornings. Waking up, my routine was far from having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. As I get older, I realize why many in my family feel the need to have a cup — we need the energy! I enjoy my coffee flavored and iced. I enjoyed it most when my grandmother would add extra cold milk and sugar. I can still taste the sweet concoction as I sipped from a spoon rather than straight from the cup. It wasn’t often she’d let me have my own cup. My grandmother would discourage me from asking by saying, “No café! You won’t grow. Do you want to be as short as your aunt?” My aunt really loved coffee, and she was the shortest in our family. I like to believe she drank so much coffee that it ran through her blood.

My parents are grandparents now, and much like my grandmother, they can be seen on their time off enjoying a cup of coffee together. I’ve witnessed the conversations and the peace they bring to our family by just enjoying a cup of coffee by themselves or with family after an amazing dinner. While they don’t practice the ritual of drinking coffee right after waking up, they occasionally stop at a coffee shop or gas station for a cup of coffee.

During conferences and blogging events, my fellow Latinas sit and enjoy coffee as they share the latest of their accomplishments. It brings us all together. I’ve even witnessed the chaos in the mornings at our shared hotel rooms of my blogging amigas trying to figure out our coffee machine in the morning.

To me, the best part of waking up is seeing how everyone around me enjoys their coffee, because it is those same expressions from their first sips that remind me of many of my family members and the memories we’ve shared over a cup of coffee.

Learn what my Latina friends say the best part of waking up is for them and how they enjoy their coffee:

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    Scroll through to learn how my Latina friends enjoy their coffee, as well as what the best part of waking up is for them!

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  • Joscelyn 2 of 13

    "I enjoy a flavored creamer in my cafecito like French Vanilla while sitting with my family at the breakfast table to help start my day on the right (and sweet) path."


    I'm with Joscelyn — those creamers really make my cafecito amazing! Sounds like her mornings are off to a very sweet start!

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  • Carolyn 3 of 13

    "And my cup of coffee with warm milk always makes it a little better because I already have one good thing that happened that day."

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  • Eva 4 of 13

    I love how Eva's morning coffee has been shared in different scenarios. It's definitely her morning ritual. Eva shares, "I like my cafecito strong and sweet with half and half."

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  • Laurita 5 of 13

    I love Laurita's take on coffee — it really means a lot to her! "How do I take my coffee? Very seriously. My preferred method of drinking cafecito: use a dark roast (the bolder, the better!), and as freshly ground as possible. Use the French press. Please note: the water in the French press is the only water I allow in my coffee! Add frothed and slightly sweetened milk to taste. And voilà! A happy least until her next coffee fix."  

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  • Nadia 6 of 13

    When asked how she enjoys her Cafe Bustelo, Nadia shares, "My husband makes it for me every morning just the way I like it, two sugars no cream. That's love!"


    I have to agree with her! That sounds like love!

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  • Lisa 7 of 13

    Lisa inspires me to keep going. She juggles so much and is a trooper with it all. I love that seeing her son wake up happy is the first part of her day! Lisa shares, "I like my coffee light and sweet so I use cream with 3 sugars." 

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  • Yoly 8 of 13

    Yoly shares, "I have to have my café con leche and a little peppermint extract every morning to transport me to my happy place."


    I've never tried peppermint extract  in my cafe, but I am sure it would taste amazing! Thanks for that tip, Yoly!

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  • Lisanne 9 of 13

    I'm with Lisanne. If I can just stay in bed once the light shines through, that would be amazing! Lisanne shares, "I have my café con leche with espresso and milk that has been simmered. Like my abuelita makes it. That's the best smell in the world when you wake up bright and early!"  

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  • Maria 10 of 13

    I'm glad Maria and I share the coffee memories of our grandmothers. The aromas and taste truly help me reminisce, as well. Maria shares, "I love my cafecito con leche and a little sweet."

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  • Yvonne 11 of 13

    I'm glad I am not alone in having coffee connect me to my past. Yvonne shares, "with a little bit of cream and a touch of sweetness. It doesn't matter if I'm not having sugar or if I'm off of dairy. I have to have my coffee that way"

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  • Pattie 12 of 13

    How awesome to be inspired by the unexpected surprises a day can bring. Right on, Pattie! Pattie shares, "I drink my coffee strong and black."

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  • Blanca 13 of 13

    How fun to be surrounded by coffee when you love it as much as Blanca does, right? Blanca shares, "I heat a bit of milk (not microwaved) , put the colombian coffee (brought from Colombia) in one of those cuban expresso machines and then manually froth the milk with an Italian gadget. It's a ritual"

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Are you a coffee drinker? How do you like your coffee?

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