Welcome Spring with This Fun Vegetable Platter


IMG_0190Spring is here! It’s time to celebrate with some fresh and healthy food! I decided to welcome Spring with this fun vegetable platter and hummus dip, because Latina’s strongly believe the best way to celebrate is with delicious food!  Or at least that’s how we roll in mi casa.

So I know cutesy food can be intimidating and not to mention overwhelming to put together but this one will take you less than 10 minutes to whip up and even less time if you’re using pre-sliced  “zanahorias” carrots.

This is a great dish to have your kiddos help you make.  And while you’re at it practice your colors and vegetables in Spanish. I’m always looking for ways to sneak in some veggies and some Spanish language practice into our day.

Orange is anaranjado click here to listen to it said in Spanish.

Green is verde click here to listen to it said in Spanish.


Spring Carrot Vegetable Platter


Carrots are Zanahorias in Spanish

Broccolli is brócoli in Spanish

Optional: hummus dip recipe or your favorite dip

fun spring food

1. Slice Carrots

2. Cut broccolli florets.

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